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Dear Neighbor:

Welcome to Heritage Oaks! We believe you will enjoy your neighborhood and the multiple family-centered activities we provide each year.

The benefits of becoming a Heritage Oaks Landowners Association (HOLA) member are many. Our neighborhood Spring Fling, Halloween and Holiday Gala events are funded and organized by the membership and board of HOLA. The entrance (sign, landscaping, fencing and flagpole) to Heritage Oaks is maintained by HOLA members.

HOLA provides several methods of communication within the subdivision. This website will be updated on a regular basis to reflect current contact information and events. A telephone directory is printed for all residents of Heritage Oaks and is printed on a biennial basis. A quarterly newsletter will also be distributed. Regular HOLA meetings provide information about the general welfare of the subdivision as well as topics that affect our members. We have established various member benefits and will continue to increase the number of benefits when possible.

The primary function of HOLA is to enforce and protect our Deed Restrictions. This will preserve our neighborhood's country atmosphere, home values and safe environment. Your support will help to continue these efforts.

There are three specific sections identified within Heritage Oaks and each section has a slightly different set of deed restrictions. The sections are: Heritage Oaks (Lots 4-98), Section IIA (Lots 99-142) and Section IIB (Lots 143-233). For construction in the Heritage Oaks and Section IIB lots, submit plans to the Architectural Control Committee for approval. For residents in Section IIA, you will need to submit plans directly to HOLA for approval. Please contact your particular authority (ACC or HOLA) prior to beginning any and all construction projects. Doing so will avoid hard feelings and potential legal actions.

Our appreciation is extended to each of you for making Heritage Oaks such a wonderful place to live!